Patient Support Group

Eat Real Food Support Group

Building a community of like-minded people who care about health and embrace real food is what the Eat Real Food Patient Support Group is doing.

This group meets weekly every Thursday (currently via zoom) to exchange tips and support each other in making changes. The meetings are facilitated and led by Millie Barnes who is a Public Health Collaboration Ambassador and Health Coach.

Our Facilitator Millie Barnes is very much one of us. She has travelled the road back to health and really understands how we feel and the issues that may arise. We get strength and encouragement from getting together in these sessions and getting and giving mutual support.  

We learn from each other and can ask questions as they arise. Health is improved one meal at a time. Change happens gradually as we build healthier lifestyle practices.
Do consider joining in. The group sessions are relaxed and informal.

Face-to-face group sessions are on Thursday between 6-8pm at the Aspen Centre, Meetings Room (second floor). Dates for face-to-face group sessions are as follows:

  • Thu 22nd Feb 2024
  • Thu 21st Mar 2024
  • Thu 11th Apr 2024
  • Thu 2nd May 2024
  • Thu 27th Jun 2024
  • Thu 25th Jul 2024
  • Thu 15th Aug 2024
  • Thu 12th Sep 2024
  • Thu 3rd Oct 2024
  • Thu 14th Nov 2024
  • Thu 5th Dec 2024
  • Thu 9th Jan 2025 

Group Support

This group is for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their health with lifestyle changes.

It is for patients, facilitated by patients, so we are all in the same boat. Some want to lose weight to improve their health, some are newly diagnosed Pre-Diabetes or Diabetics who learn how to put Diabetes into remission and avoid the complications that can develop.

Some have raised blood pressure and learn how lifestyle changes can reduce blood pressure and keep it under control.

We learn how to manage our own health at home, thus making us responsible for our health. We become aware that health is our most important asset.

Eat Real Food is a very welcoming place where all are made to feel at home and are supported to make small step changes, one at a time, to improve health and well being.

We learn from each other and swap ideas to help us on our journey. We share books and web sites where we learn and refresh our knowledge with whatever issue we are currently working on. When we fall down, it encourages us to get up and continue on our health journey. 

Even those members who have been doing this for some time are still learning. Tap into the power of community!