Diabetes and Prediabetes Group Sessions


Have you just been told that you are Diabetic or Prediabetic?

Have you struggled to get your blood glucose under control for a while?

Are you fed up of feeling tired or possibly struggling with your weight?

Is your goal to reverse your Diabetes or Prediabetes? 

If any of the above apply to you, please consider signing up for the Diabetes and Prediabetes Group sessions.

These sessions are run by the Diabetes Doctors and Nurses of Aspen Medical Practice at the Aspen Centre’s meeting room (second floor). They are small relaxed informal group sessions with up to 12 people.

The course is two sessions each lasting 1½ hours. The sessions are held at a variety of times including 11am, 2pm, and 6.30pm across the week.

Session A – My Numbers and Me

  • We will explain what your diagnosis means and how to manage your condition going forward.
  • Our key message is that of HOPE – it is completely possible to reverse this condition (also referred to as putting the disease into remission).
  • We will provide information on which foods typically raise blood glucose.
  • You will be given a New Diagnosis Pack which will contain all the key information that you will need.
  • We will be teaching you why we check blood glucose, what we are aiming for, and how to maximise the use of glucometers to help work out the best way to eat for you.

Session B – My Numbers and Me

  • We will ask you to bring back your Blood Glucose Journal to discuss with the group what you have learnt using your glucometer or Libre (flash glucose monitor).
  • We will cover what all the different blood test results mean and what you could be aiming for.
  • Intermittent Fasting can be a very effective way to manage your blood glucose. You can explore if this is an option for you.
  • Finally, where you will go from here with regards ongoing management as well as support.

Our goal is to empower you to learn about your own body’s blood glucose response to different foods in order for you to make better choices. Sometimes apparently healthy foods may result in your blood glucose spiking up. The same food may result in significantly different blood glucose responses in different people. Occasionally, foods that most of us would think would cause blood glucose to jump up do not actually cause the blood glucose to rise as much as expected. So, we start to see that we are all different – one size does not fit all. 

We base our approach on the four pillars of health – Food, Movement, Sleep and Stress. Dialling into all four of these areas is critically important to achieve good metabolic health. 

If you would like to find out more about how you can personalise your diet and lifestyle, please do come along to our group sessions. We encourage you to bring your partner, spouse, or friend, especially if they will be supporting you on your journey. Please email aspen.diabetes@nhs.net to register your interest. 


Some of the feedback comments from patients who have already attended our Diabetes and Prediabetes group sessions

·       This course was really well run and I found it invaluable as a newly diagnosed diabetic.

·       Very very helpful. Should be given to everyone as very educational.

·       All information is good. Especially for healthy lifestyles, helps understand a better way to control your eating habits.

·       Really informative, has helped me to understand what my sugar levels are and the foods that affects them.

·       I found it a real eye opener and the information has helped me understand diabetes more.

·       Has been very informative on each session. Learning about food sections, good food/worse food. Fasting etc.

·       Excellent, informative course. This has really helped to change my lifestyle.

·       I am a health care professional and still learnt a lot. Excellent sessions.

·       I can support my husband and have learnt such a lot. I am really pleased I came.

·       Very educational from start to finish. Thank you, will surely cut down on sugar and do exercise.

·       Friendly and helpful sessions reduced the worry of test results. Easy to follow topics in sessions and very informative.

·       This course helped me to look at my food more it has also helped me to lose weight. A very interesting course.