What is Eat Real Food?

As a practice we promote lifestyle change to manage chronic disease and to lose weight. We believe that health is achieved by tending to our 4 pillars of health – Food, Movement, Sleep and Stress Management. Lifestyle change is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to combat disease, restore heath and optimise wellbeing. Personal empowerment to take control of your health is the cornerstone of lifestyle medicine.

The Eat Real Food programme is a Real Foods Lifestyle programme with a health focus rather than a disease focus. Health is not merely the absence of disease and we want to promote well-being in order for all human beings to achieve their full potential.

Anyone can take part in this programme.


We work in partnership with our patients. We are all unique and need to adopt a tailored approach to our health.

But at the core of this is enjoying real food.


Real food is nutrient dense, unprocessed and has no added sugar. 

Real food doesn’t have ingredients – Real Food IS ingredients!


For our patients with Metabolic Syndrome (including diabetics and prediabetics),
varying degrees of carbohydrate restriction will also be needed as we will explain on the programme. We believe that patients should be supported to achieve remission (or reversal) of conditions like diabetes and prediabetes.


Movement, Sleep and Stress are no less critical than real food for achieving metabolic health and well-being. Often when we eat or not eat (fasting) can be as important as what we eat - both for insulin lowering as well as other metabolic benefits.


In the Ecosystems section, we hope to draw your attention to how human health is inextricably linked with soil health, environmental health and community – all these ecosystems are joined up – harm one and you harm the others – happily, the reverse is also true.

Eat Real Food