Breastfeeding - The early days

When babies are first born their stomachs are very small and they will need to feed frequently because breast milk is beautifully designed to be easily digestible and giving baby what they need.  On day one it is the size of a cherry, gradually increasing to the size of an apricot by the end of week one. The frst mik, colostrum is the early, concentrated milk that is full of nutrients and disease-fighting antibodies — it provides everything that your baby needs in the early days after birth. Your baby’s stomach is very small at birth, and the amounts of colostrum (transitioning gradually to mature breastmilk once your milk comes in) are perfect for baby’s needs. 

It s also important to remember that breasts are milk factories, not storage units. They are constantly making milk ready to satisfy baby's next feed. Breasts are signalled to keep milk production going every time that baby feeds. This positive feedback helps to ensure baby has all the milk they need.

In those first hours and days, keeping baby close to the breast, especially doing skin on skin  helps to send messages to the breasts to produce milk. There is a reason babies smell so good, it makes us want to keep them close, which is exactly where they need to be.

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